Dear Sirs, 
   We learned from your store on that you are in the market for arts and crafts. 
   We are ABC company, specialized in the export of arts and crafts. We attach a list of products we are regularly exporting,you can also visit our store on 
 Should you be interested in any of our products, 
  please let US know and we shall be glad to give you our best quotation. 
  We look forward to receiving your inquiry soon. 

    Yours sincerely, 
   (Your name) 
  Dear X, 
  Right now Christmas is coming, and there is a heavy demand for Christmas gifts. Here is our Christamas gifts link, please click to check them. All the products are now available from stock. Thank you for your consideration. 
  (Your name) 

   Dear X, 
   Thank you for your inquiry of May 5. 
   We have these items in stock,our products are both excellent in quality and reasonable in price.   Right now, we offer a 5%discount for bulk purchase 
   Thank you again for your interest in our products.If you would like to have more information please let US know.We look forward to your early reply. 
   Best regards, 
   (Your name) 

     Dear X, 
     Thank you for your inquiry of May 5 and we are pleased to send you our quotation for the goods you required as follows: 
     Commodity: Men’s T-Shirt in assorted colors. Item No. AC-101 
     Quantity:100 dozens 
     Size:Large (L), Medium (M), Small(S) 
     Price :at USS$60 per dozen CIF Kobe 
     Shipment: in June,2016 
     Payment :by irrevocable L/C at sight 
    This offer is subject to our final confirmation.If you find it acceptable,please let us have your reply as soon as possible. 
      Your faithfully, 
      (Your name) 

      Dear X, 
      Thank you for your inquiry of May 5,at your request, we are making you ,subject to your accepatance 
reaching us not late than May 10, the following offer:“1000 
sets of Color YV Sets , at USD500 per set CIF Hamburg. 
     Other terms and conditiongs are same as usua.” 
     As we have been receiving a rush of orders now ,we would advise you to place your order as soon as possible. 
    Yours sincerely, 
    (Your name) 

注意:报价分为实盘(Firm Offer)和虚盘(Non-firm Offer) 
The offer is subject to your acceptance reaching us not later than May 10; 
The offer remains firm(valid)until May 10; 
Our offer will remain valid for ten days…
The offer is subject to our final confirmaljofl: 
The offer is subject to change with0LIt flofice: 
We offer,subject to goods being unsold.

      Dear X, 
      Thank you for your letter of May 17.As regards your counter-offer.we regret we can't accept it because we feel mat the price 1isted is reasonabIe and leaves us limited profit already, 
      However,in order to meet you on this occasion we are prepared to grant you a special discount of 5% on condition that your order is not less than 1,000 pieces. 
      We hope to receive your order at an early date· 
       Best regards, 
      (Your name) 

     Dear Sirs, 
     Thank you for your letter of May 25,we are sending you herewith the required Proforma Invoice in triplicate. 
      Please note that our offer remains valid until November 15.Please place your order as soon as possible,because we running out of our stock. 
      Yours incerely, 
      (Your name) 



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